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About Regenerative Techniques

  • Organic compounds are produced by living things from their living cells. The word "Organic" means coming from life. Bacteria and microbes are in some ways chemical factories that produce organic compounds from raw materials.
  • Biological compounds called nutrients are needed to keep the factory giving these nutrients that are contained in the food we eat and make up our living cells.
  • Our Regenerative cells help producing living cells in our body organism's factory. Hereby replenish the deficiencies due to which the disease has been caused, thereby able to cure the disease defined. Our regenerative cells containing proteins mainly to build and repair body parts and in additions, this can be used as an energy source.
  • Along with this is consisting lipids, able to produce cholesterol which our body needs for cell membranes and some fluids.
  • Organisms and lipids as energy storage. Organisms that store too much of energy in the form of fats is considered obese. Nucleic acids are proteins that stores information of living cells. Nucleric acids also control all activities done by cells and complex living things i.e. Looks and acts. Living cells in organisms are the basic structural, functional and biological units in our human body often called the building blocks of our life.
  • Our regenerative cells, bio medicine conducts a series of enzymatic reactions that take place in living cells of organisms, metabolism of carbohydrates into CO2 and H2O, Help producing proteins by oxidation and absorbing excited energy in the form of photons charged particles or and bring chemical change.
  • Our medicines so basically help in digestion of food. The physiological processes involved in the assimilation [physiology means scientific study of functions of living system] of nutrients from injected food by the human body organisms aided by the saliva which initiates carbohydrate breakdown and by bile. Panceratic secretions in the intestine. Numerous types of enzyme catalyze these processes. [Enzymes are large biological molecules responsible for thousands of metabolic process that sustain life].

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